insurengine broker gets Lloyd's coverholder status By

insurengine broker gets Lloyds Coverholder status

Great news! One of our clients, Insurance Experts just achieved Lloyd's coverholder status after a long process that included an thorough insurengine audit.

Insurance Experts can now underwrite their Showtime scheme on behalf of the R&Q-owned DTW1991 syndicate.

A big part of the audit is focused on processes, so insurengine naturally came under the spotlight. Having a system with the proper controls in place, audit features, and reliability was a must-have to achieve the Coverholder status.

We are glad to say that the feedback from DTW1991 was fantastic!

Here is a quote from Keith Selby, Insurance Experts Compliance Officer:

insurengine is so feature rich it is so hard to know where to begin, it is more than just a quote engine, although it is a bonus that it does that extremely well too.

The system is transparent, underwriters can be registered users if they want and log into individual risks, they can even draw down the bordereaux and/or other management reports on line at any time, that saves me!

The system has email tracking in place, the system has a simple report to indicate safe delivery of system generated emails containing Quote or Policy documents and soon this will be enhanced to show when the emails were opened.

We are so pleased with R & Q’s response, so much so that we are ready to add to our Binder Portfolio on insurengine and another bonus is that should be delivered within the next 90 days.

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