insurengine is a finalist in the Insurance Technology Awards 2014! By

insurance technology awards 2014

It's awards time again! - We are very proud to be a 2014 insurance technology awards finalist, in the "Outsourced Partner of the Year" category.

The selection criteria for this category is:

Awarded to recognise excellence in the provision of IT systems by a technology firm, the winner will be a supplier of hardware, software and/or IT services to the European insurance sector that has achieved significant business success in the past 12 months, and can demonstrate high levels of customer satisfaction and business benefits from the users of its products and services. The size of organisation is immaterial.

Our entry this year was focused on the work we did with one of our brokers to help them become a Lloyd's coverholder: becoming Lloyd's coverholder meant a thorough review of the IT system used and we are glad to say that insurengine ticked all the boxes and the feedback received was great (blog post will follow).

Whatever the final result, I'd like to thank my team for their dedication to our clients and for their passion for our insurance system.

Let me know if you are going, and I'll make sure to say hi on the night!

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