insurengine Update – Closing, Fees, and documentation By

You know how when Apple releases a new version of it’s operating systems, some of the most useful features are the little things rather than the big announcements? Well we like to enhance insurengine with useful little tweaks too! Here is a roundup of the latest.

This will be a regular occurrence at insurengine from now on – we’ve decided to consolidate the smaller improvements into a regular system update – as opposed to ad-hoc releases – as a platform, insurengine gets better all the time! So expect to see similar posts on a regular basis.

As well as the usual bug fixes and spelling corrections, here are the things you can expect to see show up in insurengine right now:

  • Close button for applications and quotes – Because sometimes you want to close something without marking it as declined.
    quote close
  • Fees added to the MTA listing – You can now see, at a glance, the fees that were included in an MTA, just like you can with the adjusted premium.
    MTA fee
  • Download all docs at once – The Document screen now includes the option to download all the documents in one PDF, rather than downloading each individually. You can also choose whether to have a blank page between documents. This is especially useful for brokers who need to sometimes print all the documentation for a policy or a quote. In one click, you have a PDF with all the documents, in the right order, with a double-side option if needed.
    download all docs
  • Fixes to navigation prompts – We have made the links you are presented with more intuitive. For example: after releasing an application, we used to show you a link back to the application. Now you will be presented with a link to the newly-created quote, as this is most likely where you will want to go next, saving you a few clicks every time.

Got your own suggestion for an insurengine tweak? Let us know in the comments!

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