ASSUREUROP case study

What was the situation

ASSUREUROP, a french broker based in Paris, approached us with an unusual insurance project. Most of our clients come to us with an online project for a specific insurance scheme. ASSUREUROP came to us with a project where online sales were initially taking a back seat to another sales channel: telemarketing.

Telemarketing sales in insurance is very rare, and for good reason: it is complex, as you have to be an expert in three distinct areas – insurance, telemarketing operations, IT – to have any chance of success. Those three areas of expertise are very rare within one company.

ASSUREUROP is well-equiped in the first two fields, with years of experience successfully running similar operations. On the IT side, they wanted to adapt insurengine to the specific needs of insurance telemarketing operations.

insurengine is of course flexible enough to adapt to any insurance product but on this particular project we needed to adapt to different processes as well.

This was perhaps our most ambitious project to date. Here is how we did it.

What we did

The introduction of a call centre (or several call centres in ASSUREUROP’s case) added a lot of complexity to the communication between the different stakeholders. To set the context, here are all the stakeholders that insurengine needed to communicate with:

  • Broker (ASSUREUROP)
  • Insurer(s)
  • Call centre(s)
  • Lead partner(s)
  • Fulfilment partner(s)

Here is the flow of data in a typical day:

  • Lead providers collect leads and send them to insurengine in real-time, through web services.
  • insurengine imports those leads and prepares them for the call centre.
  • When a sufficient volume of leads has been received, insurengine sends leads to the call centre pre-formatted for immediate use.
  • The call centre will make calls all day.
  • Call and sales reports are prepared by the call centre and sent to insurengine.
  • insurengine imports call and sales stats.
  • insurengine exports reports to the insurer(s) (sales/cancellations/MTAs).
  • insurengine updates dashboards in real-time throughout the day.
data flow for ASSUREUROP – insurance telemarketing process

data flow for ASSUREUROP – insurance telemarketing process

Managing this information as quickly as possible is paramount and making decisions is not easy: How many leads to order? How long will it take our partners to deliver them? How many agents do we need? How many leads will they be using?

One of the many dashboards ASSUREUROP are using to monitor data in real-time.

Labels and units anonymised on this screenshot.

One of the many dashboards ASSUREUROP are using to monitor data in real-time.


We developed the usual sales reports for ASSUREUROP, as well as bordereaux for the insurers. However, on this project we also had to develop reports on processes: reporting on leads performance, conversion rates, call centre performance, etc.

Unusual metrics we are monitoring in a telemarketing context are:

  • Hours of production
  • Number of calls made
  • Various call statistics (we’ll keep those secret for now)
  • Leads closed (i.e. leads we will not call again.)
Anonymised example of an ASSUREUROP report.

Anonymised example of an ASSUREUROP report.

The result

insurengine and ASSUREUROP have joined forces to create a complex, yet simple-to-use tool to handle internet and telemarketing insurance sales. As a result, this unique cloud computing system gives ASSUREUROP the ability to monitor (in real-time) every aspect of the direct marketing insurance business; from a pc, a smartphone or a tablet.

In insurance telemarketing, the key to success is scalability, which comes from IT automation: you need to hit big numbers in terms of calls, and the only way to do this is with multiple lead providers, multiple products, multiple call centres, multiple insurers. insurengine manages the flow of information between all of those automatically: it gives ASSUREUROP the visibility and KPIs to make the right business decisions on a daily basis, based on real-time data rather than intuition or (educated) guesses.

In numbers, it means:

  • Thousands of new leads coming in per day.
  • Thousands of calls made per day.
  • Sales growing every single month.

And we won’t stop here: The roadmap for 2014 has more of everything in store for ASSUREUROP: launch of new products, setting up new call centres, setting new lead providers, and pushing the traditional online sales channel. All in all, probably worth another case study in six months!

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