Equine Insurance Case Study

what was the situation?

Iain Kemp, Managing Director of Equestrian World Services(EWS) contacted us to see if we could help with one of their schemes: They had full binding authority from Rural Insurance on an equine insurance scheme, which they were selling through traditional channels: word of mouth, phone sales, and referrals. Iain wanted to explore the possibilities of selling their product online.

what did we do?

First we organised an insurengine demo with Iain, to show him all the features available in insurengine out of the box. It is one thing saying “our insurance platform will do everything you need”, it is another to sit down with a broker and demonstrate the features. Iain was quickly reassured that insurengine would cover all the standard broker needs for policy portfolio management.

Iain was also very pleased with the ease-of-use of the insurengine platform, as one of his concerns was the training time needed to get his team up to date. It was quickly apparent that this was a non-issue – we go to great lengths to make the user interface as intuitive as possible. For example, anybody with insurance training would know what to do on our policy management screen (see below):

Showing a (test
policy in the insurengine admin zone. Note the actions available on the buttons) Showing a (test) policy in the insurengine admin zone. Note the actions available on the buttons As this was the first online project undertaken by Equestrian World Services, they understandably relied on our expertise to complete the project successfully. We of course managed the project from start to finish following our proven project checklist: A 5-page-long document made available to our clients outlining all the information needed for the project (documents/rates/calculations/logo/legal information/text/etc..). From our experience building insurance quote engines, we know that the merchant account you have in your broker office is likely not enough to sell insurance online: We arranged an [internet merchant account](http://www.sagepay.com/guide-to-trading-online/merchant-bank-accounts) with EWS’ business bank, then opened a payment gateway account with [SAGEPAY](https://support.sagepay.com/apply/default.aspx?PartnerID=8F9E017B-8BD2-4270-89CC-26A850F4C178) (we are a SAGEPAY developer partner) to process credit cards online. Finally, we also gave EWS’ main site a fresher design as it hadn’t been updated in some years. Nothing too drastic, just a bit more modern: Equestrian Worldwide Service original insurance site
Equestrian Worldwide Service original insurance site
Equestrian Worldwide Service original insurance site
Equestrian Worldwide Service new insurance site
Equestrian Worldwide Service new insurance site ##what was the outcome? EWS now manages all their equine insurance portfolio on insurengine – much easier than the “spreadsheet way”. Both offline and online sales are managed through the same back-office system, and online activity is visible in the administration zone in real time: Great for when a client phones you for assistance on a proposal they are filling in on your site. - Reports to the underwriter are generated at the click of a button - All endorsements and MTA are in one place - There is a record of all documents sent to the client - Renewals are created easily from existing policies The time saved on a daily basis is significant, which frees the team to focus on new products to grow the business. ##Now it’s your turn! Are you looking for a solution to put your scheme online? Contact us on **+44 (0)333 012 4 102** or email us at for a free consultation: We’ll discuss your requirements and help you take the first step towards your goal.

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